Building a Thriving Future for Saskatoon Eastview

Comprehensive Platform for Progress and Prosperity

I am humbled and excited to present my platform as a nomination candidate for the Saskatchewan Party in Saskatoon Eastview. With a firm belief in the potential of our community and a commitment to positive change, my platform addresses key issues while focusing on economic growth, education, healthcare, childcare, infrastructure & transportation, crime, environmental sustainability, support for farmers and ranchers, inclusivity, senior citizens services, energy sector development, and attracting high-value businesses and technologies.

Together, we can create a thriving future for our constituents.

Dale’s Platform

Economic Growth

To foster economic growth in Saskatoon Eastview, I will work tirelessly to attract investments, support local businesses, and diversify industries. By creating a business-friendly environment and cutting red tape, we will encourage entrepreneurship and job creation.

Education & Skill Development

Quality education is essential for our community’s success. I will advocate for increased funding for schools, innovative learning programs, and partnerships with industries to provide students with practical skills that align with the job market’s demands.

Health Care

Accessible and high-quality healthcare is a priority. I will collaborate with healthcare professionals and stakeholders to address the shortage of medical resources, reduce wait times, and enhance healthcare services in our area.

Subsidized Daycare Shortage

I recognize the challenges faced by working parents due to a shortage of affordable daycare options. I will work with provincial and municipal authorities to establish subsidized daycare centers, making it easier for families to balance work and family life.

Infrastructure & Transportation

Improving infrastructure and transportation is crucial for Saskatchewan. I will prioritize securing funding for infrastructure and capital projects, enhancing public transportation options, and promoting sustainable initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.

Crime Issues

Safety is a fundamental right. I will support law enforcement agencies and advocate for community policing strategies and crime prevention programs to ensure a secure environment for all residents.

Environmental Conservation & Sustainability

Protecting our environment is vital for future generations. I will champion policies promoting renewable energy, waste reduction, and conservation efforts to safeguard our natural resources.

“ Strong Leadership, Integrity, and Commitment in Working Together to Build a Stronger Saskatchewan! ”

Support for Farmers & Ranchers

As a province with a strong agricultural heritage, I will advocate for farmers and ranchers by investing in research, promoting sustainable farming practices, and supporting rural infrastructure development.

Inclusivity & Diversity

Our strength lies in our diversity. I will promote inclusivity, celebrate cultural diversity, and advocate for equal rights to create a welcoming and harmonious community for all.

Senior Citizens Services & Housing

Our senior citizens deserve respect and support. I will work to improve services for seniors, including healthcare and recreational facilities, and advocate for affordable and accessible housing options.

Energy Sector

I firmly believe in the potential of Saskatchewan’s energy resources. I will work to continue opening the energy sector for domestic and export, creating new revenue streams, and contributing to the province’s economic growth.

Attracting High-Value Businesses & Technologies

To diversify our economy, I will actively attract high-value businesses and innovative technologies to Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. This will create employment opportunities and position our province as a hub for innovation.


Promoting and supporting business is a priority. Enhance economic growth and job creation through the private sector.


Fiscal responsibility and accountability, streamlining bureaucracy, and upholding democratic principles.

My platform for the Saskatoon Eastview nomination bid with the Saskatchewan Party is rooted in fostering economic growth, improving education and healthcare, addressing childcare shortages, enhancing infrastructure, promoting safety, protecting the environment, supporting agriculture, celebrating diversity, caring for senior citizens, supporting business and capitalizing on our energy resources while attracting high-value companies and technologies.

With your support, I am committed to working with constituents and stakeholders to create a vibrant, prosperous, and inclusive Saskatoon Eastview that meets the needs and aspirations of all residents. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community and make a positive impact on Saskatchewan’s growth and development.