Meet Dale

Dale Hrynuik showcases proven leadership, integrity, and practical solutions. With a vision for a stronger Saskatchewan, he intends to drive progress and prosperity for all.

What sets Dale apart is his genuine commitment to people and his roots in Saskatoon. With a diverse career, from a skilled electrician to managerial excellence, he brings a unique perspective to leadership. Dale’s strong work ethic, honesty, and family values shine through, making him relatable and approachable. His vision prioritizes healthcare, education, and economic development, backed by practical solutions and common sense solutions. Being a third-generation Canadian, he understands the importance of creating opportunities for a better future. With Dale, you get a dedicated advocate driven by integrity, making a positive impact on Saskatoon Eastview.

A Strong History

As a third-generation immigrant, Dale Hrynuik’s journey reflects a strong history of determination and accomplishment. His great-grandparents immigrated from Ukraine to Canada in 1904, seeking a better life. His humble beginnings in Saskatoon helped him develop a strong work ethic and passion for learning, which shaped his success. After pursuing his passion and attaining a journeyman status in an electrical apprenticeship, he expanded his skill set by enrolling in Industrial Instrumentation, which enabled him a career with the City of Saskatoon. This strong thirst for knowledge and expertise guides him towards a brighter future for Saskatoon Eastview and Saskatchewan.

  • Proven leadership and managerial excellence.
  • Strong work ethic and dedication to excellence.
  • Genuine commitment to the people of Saskatoon Eastview and Saskatchewan.
  • A focus on health care, education, and economic development are among the many priorities.
  • A strong character defined by family values.
  • A drive for progress, prosperity and common sense politics.
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Get to Know Your Leader

Successful Career With The City of Saskatoon

Dale Hrynuik’s successful career within the City of Saskatoon is a testament to his exceptional leadership and expertise. His hard work and leadership qualities helped him become the Superintendent in the facilities department. His dedication to enhancing his beloved city and effectively managing projects earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Family – A Pillar of Support

In addition to his professional achievements, Dale Hrynuik finds fulfillment in nurturing personal relationships. A devoted husband to Donna, he cherishes their loving bond. Together, they are parents to five children and are blessed with five grandchildren. Family holds a special place in Dale’s heart, and he actively provides them with guidance, support, and lasting memories.

Dale’s Platform


To improve access and quality, ensuring every resident receives the best care and support for a healthier Saskatchewan.


To invest in our future by enhancing schools, empowering educators, and providing top-notch education opportunities for all students.

Economic Development

To foster a thriving economy with job growth, innovative industries, and a business-friendly environment for prosperity.

Seniors’ Concerns

To champion the well-being of our seniors, ensuring their needs are met with respect, dignity, and accessible services.