Dale Hrynuik

Saskatchewan Party Nomination Candidate for Saskatoon Eastview

Welcome to Dale Hrynuik’s official campaign page. With proven leadership, integrity, and a focus on healthcare, education, and economic development, join us in shaping a stronger Saskatchewan. Support our vision today!

Vision, Issues, & Values

Meet Dale Hrynuik, your Saskatchewan Party MLA Nomination Candidate for Saskatoon Eastview

Dale Hrynuik’s vision for Saskatchewan is one of progress and prosperity. He aims to create a better future for all residents by strongly emphasizing healthcare, education, daycare shortages, business development and exports.

Through practical solutions and effective leadership, he seeks to address seniors’ concerns, working towards affordable housing, and fostering a thriving economy.

Dale’s dedication to integrity and honesty ensures that he will work tirelessly to build a stronger province where every voice is heard and valued.

Integrity and Honesty: With Dale Hrynuik, you’ll get a trustworthy leader. His unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty ensures transparent governance and accountable decision-making.

Proven Leadership: From climbing the ranks to managing projects effectively, Dale’s track record of success speaks for itself. His leadership skills will drive progress and prosperity for Saskatchewan.

Experience & Knowledge: Dale’s diverse expertise guarantees practical solutions to complex issues. With a strong work ethic and sound judgment, he’s the right choice for a brighter future.

Building Together, Leading Strong: Dale Hrynuik for a Thriving Saskatchewan!

About Dale Hrynuik

With a strong work ethic cultivated from humble beginnings, Dale’s journey from a skilled Electrician, Facilities Superintendent, to a successful Branch Manager showcases his relentless pursuit of excellence. His vision centers vital aspects such as healthcare, education, and economic development, all geared toward a prosperous future.

“A dedicated leader ready to contribute and transform Saskatoon & Saskatchewan for the better”

With a proven track record of effective leadership, Dale’s practical solutions and common sense approach resonate with communities across Saskatoon Eastview.  Trust his integrity and commitment to lifelong personal and professional growth.

    • Dale Champions For Growth, Progress, And Opportunity
    • Continued Support In Healthcare & Education
    • Committed To Growing A Strong Economy, Export Growth And Population Base
    • Focus On Entrepreneurship, Crime Reduction, Affordable Housing, And Addressing Seniors’ Concerns.
    • Research And Development
    • Attracting Investments by Promoting Saskatchewan
    • Vote Dale for a Stronger and Growing Saskatchewan!

Vote Dale for a stronger, united Saskatchewan!

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